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Die AVCO freut sich, ein neues Mitglied willkommen zu heißen: BSD GROWTH LS INVESTMENTS LTD

The model for BSD Growth is to invest in funds or directly in companies . This model in the first  (sub fund)  leverages non-dilutive capital with equity capital . Each cell in the fund or Investment Vehicle will be created around different investment opportunities in the health care space ; thus giving Investors exposure to different opportunities within the healthcare industry  as well as different stages of a company’s growth We have assembled an experienced team that has the operational and investment background needed as to thrive in international markets. We bring more than capital to the table. We help our investee companies attract European, U.S. and global customers, establish the necessary commercial partnerships for growth.

The initial aims to use the BSD Growth  & Sub Fund Directors’ networks (which include venture capitalists, foundations and institutions in Europe and North America) to raise the next round of capital.

Tuvia Adam Ofek: With 33 years Merchant banking & asset management experience, Ofek managed companies that were licensed with FINRA, FSA, SEC & ISA.

Tania Fernandez, Ph.D: 25 years experience in the life science, 10 years as a venture capitalist in San Francisco, CA. Founder & CEO of Dreamcatcher ventures.

The Sub Fund’s target investments with the following characteristics (this is a non-exhaustive list, and targets may display certain characteristics only):

  • Product innovation: target companies will develop products that have a clear technical and economic advantage over existing products;
  • Platform technologies: , Targets will focus on products and/or products that have applications in multiple indications  and can create new markets;
  • Global markets: with a European focus,:
  • The targets will primarily be Israeli US Indian & European technology companies that are developing products in the EU market & expanding in USA ,
  • International Locations : While the fund will primarily invest in Israeli technology that is being developed in Poland for the EU markets it will also invest in global companies that can build subsidiaries in Poland but whose technologies have applications in global markets;
  • BSD Growth will target companies with strong technical and operational management teams; and
  • BSD Growth will target markets that have high barriers to entry, with a view to investing in entities that build a competitive position through intellectual property.

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