Interview with Sabine Duchaczek from Advantage Family Office

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Advantage Family Office joined AVCO in September 2022. Learn more about the family office event platform from Sabine Duchaczek, Managing Director, with whom we had the talk…

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I worked for more than ten years in private and investment banking. Then I founded Prime Consulting as Managing Director in Investor relations and finance communication. After nine years I sold my shares and founded Advantage Family Office.

What is your company’s activity, and what is its competitive edge?

Since 2015, we have been organizing the Vienna Impact Investment Forum, the Vienna Real Estate Salon, the Vienna Capital Markets Conferences, and investor-lunch presentations in the DACH region. These conferences are the first and only finance platform for family offices and institutional investors in Austria with a rapidly expanding international investor network. At 93 successfully organized investor conferences more than 500 companies and 5,000 investors from the DACH region, Liechtenstein, Monaco, the UK, Israel and Hong Kong attended. Find further information at

What are your main projects/targets for 2023?

We will host our Vienna Impact Investment Forum, the Vienna Real Estate Salon and the Vienna Capital Markets Conferences:

13.06.2023                 Vienna Real Estate Salon

14.06.2023                 Vienna Capital Market Conference

10.10. & 11.10.2023   Vienna Impact Investment Forum

22.11.2023                 Vienna Capital Market Conference

23.11.2023                 Vienna Real Estate Salon

Furthermore, we will host several investor-lunch presentations in Vienna and Zurich. Further lunch presentations in Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg are planned.

In an ideal situation, what would you change or improve in the current VC/PE market?

More political advocacy and initiatives to attract businesses and investors to Austria and more institutional – or even state-backed – fund-of-funds for venture capital, especially to focus the transition towards a sustainable economy.

Which one of the following topics inspires you most and why?

I choose the topic of sustainability. We are hosting the Vienna Impact Investment Forums which aims at informing family offices and institutional investors independently, comprehensively and at a high level about the topic of impact investments and to provide a professional platform for investors to learn from international pioneers and impact experts like e.g. Brigitte Mohn, the Liechtenstein Group, Prince Michael Liechtenstein, Ida Beerhalter, Charly Kleissner, Nixdorf Kapital AG, Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen and many more. We want to underline the importance of the preservation of the global social system and the ecosystem, as well as inspire more investors for the ideas of impact investments, so that future generations will benefit sustainably.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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