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AVCO represents the interests of the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry in Austria.

These are i.e. active VC/PE funds, institutional investors, complementary service providers, public organisations and industry experts. We support our members through targeted public relations work, cooperation with members and partners, by networking,  and by bundling and providing know-how..

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Facilitating networking is particularly important to us. This is the best way to create a community that forms the basis of a thriving ecosystem. AVCO creates networking platforms and brings its members and market participants together at events or in projects. We organise physical and digital events, meetings and initiatives in the national and international ecosystem.

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Since Venture Capital and Private Equity are a niche topic in Austria, it is important to have a single point of contact that is available with advice and support. AVCO is the central contact point for all questions on Venture Capital and Private Equity in Austria. As we are in close contact with other European organisations, we can also provide know-how and market data from other countries.

Venture Capital (risik capial;DE: Wagniskapital) is a temporary capital investment in young, innovative, unlisted companies that are characterised by above-average growth potential despite sometimes insufficient current earning power. The venture capital business represents a sub-segment of the private equity business, which is understood to mean trading in equity shares in unlisted companies.

Translation of source: Wirtschaftslexikon

Private Equityis equity capital provided by private and/or institutional investors (DE: Eigenkapital)with which investment companies (private equity firms) acquire company shares for a limited period of time in order to generate a financial return. The term private equity investment in a narrower sense includes financing of established companies that are in advanced stages of their life cycle. Private equity in a broader sense describes the financing of private companies with equity and therefore also includes venture capital investments, which are characterised by a higher risk-return profile.

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Translation of source: Wirtschaftslexikon

Venture Capital and Private Equity firms provide equity capital combined with active management support to start-ups and SMEs in the pre-IPO capital market as a financing instrument. VC/PE investments increase the chances of entrepreneurial success and enable:

  • Founding, expansion and internationalisation
  • Implementation of new research results and marketing of innovations
  • new jobs
  • Restructuring, mergers, succession solutions
  • Value creation and improvement of Austria as a business location

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Job ads

We also help our members with recruiting by sharing their job listings within the community through our newsletter. Members can send the links to their job ads directly to Anna.

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Political agenda

AVCO is in regular contact with policymakers and contributes its know-how to discussions that affect the VC/PE sector. We represent the interests of our members and campaign for better legal and fiscal framework conditions in Austria. The requests and needs of the industry are communicated to the relevant bodies in bilateral talks and through position papers. In this context, we are always working together with members and partners to improve our opportunities.

Our tax and legal committee provides us with the most accurate market intelligence and innovation and supports us in developing the best VC/PE tax and legal framework for Austria.

The committee counts numerous recognized experts from the best economic research, legal and tax firms in the country. They have contributed to drafting laws and regulation concepts over the last 15 years alongside AVCO.

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AVCO is committed to support diversity, gender equality and inclusion in its organization, work, and exchanges within its ecosystem. We are promoting any initiative towards a more sustainable ecosystem, a socially responsible environment, and sustainable economics. AVCO gathers and share all the knowledge, experiences, and good practice, which may enable its members to progress throughout their sustainability journey.

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