Interview mit Raffaela Ritter von Arthur D. Little

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„Each and every industry must become greener and more sustainable“

Raffaela Ritter, Partner and Head of Financial Services Practice for DACH & Eastern

April 2022: Arthur D. Little has joined AVCO in early 2021. Learn more about ADL from Raffaela Ritter, Partner and Head of Financial Services Practice for DACH & Eastern Europe, with whom we had a chat…

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Raffaela Ritter joined Arthur D. Little (ADL) in January 2021 as a partner and Head of Financial Services Practice for DACH & Eastern Europe.

Raffaela has 15 years of Top Management Consulting experience thereof 7 years as a Partner at McKinsey & Company. She advises financial institutions and PEs on a variety of strategic topics in areas such as wealth management and affluent banking, corporate banking, large-scale transformations, productivity and growth programs, ESG as well as M+A.

What is your company’s activity, what is its competitive edge?

Arthur D. Little is the first management consulting firm in the world and we have celebrated our 135th anniversary in 2021.

We stand for strategy, innovation, technology and convergence combining deep cross-functional expertise with extensive industry experience. Acting as a senior team of entrepreneurs, we provide tailor-made solutions to our clients – always applying a value-driven and impact-oriented mindset.

Our global presence in +40 countries with strong local leadership allows us to combine worldwide leading experience with a deep understanding of local needs.

With our Open Consulting model, we leverage the experience of highly respected global senior advisors and a broad partner-network such as in the start-up and scale-up field.

The key building blocks of our value proposition are innovation, digitalization, sustainability, integration/optimization/governance, M&A/PE and convergence.

What are your main projects/targets for 2022?

Arthur D. Little Austria’s target for 2022 is clearly to continue our very successful growth journey from the last years.

As for the Financial Services Practice, our fastest growing practice across different regions, we are on a mission to establish a “new way of consulting” for our banking and insurance clients. Our FS team consist of 30+ very senior experts with extensive experience and background both in consulting and as key decision makers in the industry.

We will further embrace industry convergence and facilitate solutions beyond industry boundaries and leverage our broad network of highly respected senior advisors to maximize the value for our clients.

Lastly, it is key for us  to continue our successful collaboration with PEs/VCs across industries.

Which one of the following topics inspires you most and why? – Sustainability, Equality, Education, Regulation

Sustainability: For us in the financial services practice, sustainability is the most inspiring topic.

Each and every industry must become greener and more sustainable. However, as a key pillar of the global economy and wider society, the financial services sector is in a unique position. It not only must change how it operates to build sustainable business models, but it also has a crucial role to play in funding and de-risking the transition towards climate neutrality.

The financial services sector can become the driver of sustainable change. It provides the opportunity to fundamentally reposition financial institutions away from being seen as part of the problem, to leading the solution as a transformation partner of the businesses that they invest in and work with.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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