Interview mit Andreas Draxler von A.B.S Factoring AG

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Especially in Austria, it is important to put the issues of PE and VC in the center

Andreas Draxler, Executive Board Member, A.B.S Factoring AG

A.B.S Factoring AG has joined AVCO in early 2021. Learn more about the Factoring bank from Andreas Draxler, Executive Board Member at A.B.S., with whom we had a chat.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I started my career in an Austrian Bank in the field of classic private and corporate customer business. From various positions at eg. one of the Big Four auditing firms to a French international leasing company, I have been working in the Factoring industry for the last 14 years. Two years ago, I commenced the position as a member of the Management Board of A.B.S. Factoring AG.

What is your company’s activity, what is its competitive edge?

A.B.S. Factoring AG is a Factoring bank with more than 40 years of experience in the market. We see ourselves as a financial partner and full-service provider for all customer requirements associated with Factoring – from revenue financing to collection of overdue receivables. Our focus is on dynamic revenue financing, the assumption of accounts receivable management and the safeguarding of payment defaults. Thanks to our corresponding specialization and special industry knowledge, we provide tailor-made solutions for sales-adjusted financing. With our locations in Salzburg and Vienna, we guarantee Austria-wide personal and fast support, as well as customer service tailored to every business model.

We are the only Austrian Factor that is independent of banks and corporate groups, and we are the right contact as the receivables specialist, especially for SMEs.

What are your main projects/targets for 2022?

Our main goals for 2022 are to further expand our portfolio and to strengthen topics such as special industry solutions, e.g. agricultural Factoring and installment purchase Factoring, even more on the market. Furthermore, we are dedicating ourselves more and more to the topics of ESG and sustainability in order to be fit for the future.

In an ideal situation, what would you change or improve in the current VC/PE market?

Especially in Austria, it is important to put the issues of PE and VC in the center. Tax rules and overall accessibility need to be adjusted to appeal to a broader range of investors and increase adoption among founders and entrepreneurs.

In addition, I see great potential in combining equity and mezzanine instruments with other alternative financing solutions. In my opinion, a modern growth financing mix consists of a strong equity basis and the integration of a dynamic working capital funding such as Factoring.

Which one of the following topics inspires you most and why? – Sustainability, Equality, Education, Regulation

It is difficult to decide which of the 4 topics, sustainability, equality, education or regulation inspire me the most, as I think that all 4 areas interlock and are closely linked. Personally, I focus above all on education and information, because this sensitizes people and can optimally influence and help shape the other three areas.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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